Please review our services below and contact The Meadows Edge for additional information and to schedule an appointment.    
Counseling: The Meadows Edge goal is to guide clients through the counseling process in order for the client to heal, grow, and reach their full potential. We are committed to providing quality counseling services in a safe and confidential environment. Counseling services are conducted by professionals who are licensed in their respective field. Target population includes adults and adolescents. Children nine to eleven years of age are considered on a case by case basis. 
Consulting: The Meadows Edge offers consultation services to aid organizations, attorneys, and others with case consultation and review. We provide professional educational services through workshops, trainings, peer support/networking, and clinical supervision for Licensed Associate Professionals. The Meadows Edge also offers educational workshops and corporate training/team building to local businesses and communities.
Behavioral Management: The Meadows Edge provides behavioral management services to children, adults, families and educational facilities. Our goal is to teach and demonstrate behavioral management skills and techniques that will impact the client's environment in a positive manner. It is our belief that working with the client's entire network will create positive growth and produce healthy relationships that foster respect.
Assessment: The Meadows Edge has the training and capability to conduct forensic evaluations. Evaluations include a thorough clinical intake interview, case review, valid and reliable instruments, and a written report with recommendations. Daubert and Frye standards approach utilized in evaluations. 
Drug Screening: The Meadows Edge can provide drug screening services which include urine, saliva, and DOT analysis. Upon request, other laboratory services such as paternity testing or hair analysis are available.
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